About Me…

***NEW: Sound Bath sessions now available…visit my “Fitness Page” to message me to book your life changing session!!!

“Vibrational Healing Sound Bath” – Bathe in Sound Waves to align your Biofield & unblock Chakras. These sessions reduce stress & anxiety, can relieve pain, heightens awareness & intuition, releases mental block & many more exclusive to you benefits.

My Divine Tools…

7 various sessions:

  1. Sonic Goddess = $300, 45 min. – 1 hr. (Beauty, skin & muscle relaxation).
  2. Full Body Scan = $250, 45 min. – 1 hr. (Align Aura Field & Clear Chakras).
  3. Specific Tuning = $100, 1/2 hr. (Your specific goal).
  4. Earth Attunement = $60, 15 min. (Resonate with 7.83).
  5. Connect With Nature = $60, 15 min. (Relax, open mind & relaxation).
  6. Connect & Balance = $60, 15 Min. (Sleep better, clear mind).
  7. Divine Connection = $60, 15 min. ( U iversal & divine connection).

Contact me to schedule the “Opening Of Your New Beginning...(note***all of my sessions are to supplement, not be a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. Not to be used to treat serious ailments without prior consultation with a qualified health professional).

Visit & follow my daughter’s “Crystal Site” on fb…link below pic!!! Learn all about Healing, Meditation, Frequencies & more. Gem shown below is an AMAZING “HydroQuartz”!!! Contains 100 million year old water bubbles…gotta see to capture the true beauty of this gem…


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My personal memoirs…

Opening & operating my own fitness & dance studio for many successful years – I closed in April of 2015 to find myself & to open new doors to help people reach their life’s goals.

Meeting 1000s of clients & all of the various fitness & emotional levels – one thing I found most intriguing is how individualized  fitness really balances the mind.

Studying further my interests taken me to look more closely into the mind & scientific make up of life & the body.

Reiki has opened my new door introducing me to learn how to bring it all together in helping one find that crucial balance of total Mind & Body.

Reflecting on my City career I began utilizing my “Locating” talent & incorporated “Devining” as a new tool in my many adventures. These eventually led to the creation of “Great Lakes Ghost Hunters”.

My retirement at a relatively young age in Oct. of 2017 has enabled me to travel & offer services & RV adventures…these to be shared.

This blog will help share my experiences & offer a wide variety of services, products & advice…