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Party Plans Now Available!!!

  • ZOHMED = Drum Circle, Stretch or Body in Motion, Meditation. $150 up to 10. (please read below for ZOHMED benefits).
  • Vibrational Healing Sound Bath = $250, up to 10. $25 per above initial 10.
  • Reiki Healing Circle = Grounding, Breathing Techniques, Energy Flow. $250 up to 10. (Ear Seeds $5 per person, optional).
  • Hula Hoop Party = Basics, Yoga Flow or Meditation. $200 up to 10.

My Location Sessions

  • Reiki – $35 = 15 minutes. $45 = 1/2 hr. Group sessions also available.
  • Vibrational Healing Sound Bath – Sonic tuning with “Tuning Forks”. Price from $60 – $300. Contact me for 7 various sessions. 
  • Call of the Wild – find your “Spirit Animal” guided meditation. $35 = 1/2 hr. Group sessions also available.
  • Yoga/Stretch/Tai Chi – $10 = 1/2 hr. Group sessions also available.
  • Pole (Private) – $45 = 1/2 hr.
  • Group Fitness – $10 per person, minimum 10. Zumba, Cardio Boxing, Hula Hoops, Surfing & more…

Call for appointments: 734-306-0909.

A new & exciting class…inspired by my travels & created by me for you.

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Zohmed is a metamorphosis of your energies.
Utilizes your own mind to change your physical & mental composition.
Zohmed is a unique combination of the following “Elements”:
*Drumming Circle
*Ear Seeding (optional)
*Easy Yoga/Stretch
Each session will be 1 1/2 hour!

Get “Zohmed” click pic for Zohmed intro.

Benefits of Zohmed:
*Overall Well-Being
*Smoking Cessation
*Anti Stress
*Mental Clarity

Optional Equipment Recommended:



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