Must Have Summertime Shoes

I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2005 & have tested many a number of shoes for dancing, water sports, running & high intensity regimens.

So I thought I’d put together a list of my personal all time favorite & functional shoes just for you. (Click on pics for more details on these shoes)!

This post may contain affiliate links of products that I recommend. If you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Foldable Water Shoes.

These “Beach Socks” are affordable, lightweight, foldable & very comfortable. They come in a variety of colors to mix & match so you can color coordinate with your attire.

At this affordable price, I have a few pairs so I’m always fashionable at the beach or pool!!! Click on pics for more details.


Awesome Water/Walking Shoe.

I love these “Athletic Water Shoes” for they give me the freedom to go from walking to water without changing shoes.

Although a little more expensive they have good support for walking & dry quickly after a stroll through the water.

I also find them perfect for paddleboarding & boating.

Perfect & Comfortable!

Yes, everyone loves the quick slippers! “Under Armor” has created the ultimate slide on…from its non skid soles to its massaging insole these are a definite Summertime must have!

My all time Favorite, perfect for hiking too.

Finding the best shoes for my 1/2 marathons was a chore that I worked on for many years.

I finally discovered Brooks brand & love them. I’ve owned 7 pairs over the years & only use these for my races.

I was also very fortunate to have won a pair of shoes from Brooks & chose from the “Ghost” series. This contest had participants enter pics of enjoying your Brooks, I won with a shot of me & my Brooks on a beach with the sunset over the water. I was so shocked to win this contest.

Since my RV Travels, I’ve discovered the Ghost series is amazing for hiking too!!!

Good lower cost for water & walking.

This is a more affordable water/walking shoe although comfortable I do prefer the Brooks Brand.

A must for Yoga/Stretch Class.

Last but not least on my most recommended shoes, is this set for Yoga or Stretching Classes. Also great for Tai Chi. Little bit of cushion & excellent non slip grip.

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